Close to My Heart:
Sue Kassin was my Aunt, a gifted artist, and simply a beautiful person who meant so much
to me and my family.  The
SEGO (WE CARE) FOUNDATION originated with donations
from the
Sue Kassin Memorial Indigent Fund. This fund provides financial support for
patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments for gynecologic cancers.
The mission of the SEGO - We Care Foundation is to provide support programs
addressing all aspects of the gynecologic cancer patient including empowering women
and their caregivers with knowledge and support on the journey through and beyond
treatment for gynecologic cancer as well as educate the medical community of
comprehensive and leading-state-of-the-art information regarding screening,
surgical procedures and treatment of gynecologic cancers.  
Please take a moment to check out the site and help this important cause.  
Thank you so much!!!
Music and such: